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Join the October 2019 Facebook ADcelerator Group Programme

Choose the 3 month Payment Plan to pay £950 inc VAT over 3 months at a total of £2850 inc VAT.

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What People Are Saying:

“Before starting Emma’s Facebook ads course I thought I had a vague understanding of how Facebook ads worked. Turned out I didn’t really know much at all! In week one I didn’t even understand the questions being asked by others on the course, it was like reading another language, by week 12 I was fluent! Over the 12 weeks Emma taught us every step from the basics through to advanced funnel building and everything in between. But this course is far more than just learning about Facebook ads. My whole mindset & business have changed. I am now so much more confident, have increased my fees and the same month I completed the course, I had my best month ever since going freelance. The support from this course is another level, not only is Emma there cheering you on and celebrating every small win but her team and the other people training with you become the best support system you could imagine. Would I recommend this course to anyone? Hell yes. I’d say it’s probably the best investment in yourself and your business you could ever make. And you’ll probably pay it off before you even finish, I did!”

Laura Moore - FB Ads Marketer

“Emma’s Facebook ADcelerator has been a gamechanger for me, personally and professionally. Despite having the social media marketing skills I’d always held back from approaching big brand clients because I lacked the paid social expertise. I had a ‘stuck’ mindset. No longer! Emma’s course sorted me out on both counts. Highly recommend.”

Jenny Hall - One Voice Marketing