Want to Run Facebook Ads with Confidence?

If you’re tired of wasting money on your Facebook Ads or feeling like you are always ‘winging it’, then my Facebook ADcelerator 12 Week Coaching Programme has been created just for you.
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This is not for the faint-hearted. So, if you’re only wanting to have a dabble in Facebook Ads, then this is not for you. If, however, you’re fed up winging it every time a client wants you to run an ad, you want to be able to offer this as part of your services and make more money or you’re a business owner/entrepreneur fed up of giving over your hard earned cash to Zucks, – then this programme is for you.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will cover all the essentials you need to get to grips with in order to build and run successful Facebook ads campaigns PLUS the strategy behind it.

There is more to the programme though – having the right mindset. You can have all the skills but if you don’t understand the importance of having the right mindset to grow your business I can guarantee you now that it won’t happen. This is the missing piece on many of the programmes that I have been on before and has been key to me building a multiple 6 figure business in 7 months.

Hear what some of my previous students have to say...

How the programme is run:

The programme lasts for 12 weeks with breaks built in to cover a school holiday.

Each week a new module is released which will contain a series of training videos covering the module for that week. I have tried to keep these as ‘bite size’ as possible so you can dip in and out of them during the course of the week.

The Modules Are:

  • Week 1 – Ads Manager and Business Manager
  • Week 2 – Ads Formats
  • Week 3 – Social Proofing
  • Week 4 Targeting and Creating Audiences
  • Week 5 – The Anatomy of a High Performing Ad
  • Week 6 – Pixels
  • Week 7 – Funnel Overview
  • Week 8 – Mapping Out and Building a Lead Gen Funnel
  • Week 9 - Low Ticket E-Commerce Funnels
  • Week 10 - Optimisation & Scaling
  • Week 11 - Why is my Campaign Stalling?
  • Week 12 - How to find clients


There is a closed Facebook Group specific to your cohort with an epic support crew to answer any questions you have during the week.

There is also a weekly group Zoom call and if you can’t make the live call a replay will be available to watch at your leisure – these calls are where the magic happens! This is where you can ask any questions that you have and get your ad accounts reviewed should you be working with live clients.

There is also a monthly mindset call with Andrea Callanan. This is where we dig into the inner work that highly successful business owners and entrepreneurs do as a daily practice.

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But what is it really like? 

"I would highly recommend Emma Van Heusen's FB Adcelerator Programme to anyone who is serious about working hard and getting deep into the nitty gritty of how to run smoking hot strategic Facebook ads campaigns. Learning from Emma was truly inspirational, and my expectations were exceeded by miles. Essential knowledge on how to monetise our new found expertise, and support and coaching that helped me realise I can achieve whatever I put my mind to, were invaluable. It has added huge value to not only my career, but my life as a whole in a way I would never have thought possible."

Cat Price, Spin and Sway

"Emma is an asset to anyone’s business. There are an extreme number of people in the social media arena selling programmes, however, Emma is most definitely the most authentic and fun educator i've come across - her knowledge is limitless. If you are thinking of levelling up with advanced Facebook™ ads you can't go wrong with Emma, not just for ideas and process, but for RESULTS! I  couldn't recommend her highly enough."

Donna Roberts, Digital Watermelon

"Having just completed Emma’s ADcelerator course I can truthfully say what a game changer it has been for me in terms of my career, income and mindset. I didn’t realise the opportunities would come so quickly into the course. Within weeks of starting I had two clients to use as test clients. By the end of the 12-week course I had two new paying clients, running e-comm funnels and have completed several paid 1:1s about ads helping others grow their business.

The course has given me new confidence and extraordinary motivation in building upon my success in the film industry and channeling it towards a career in FB & Instagram Ads that is fulfilling and financially rewarding. I’ve tripled my monthly income in 12 weeks and can only see it rising."

Faye Morgan, 365 Social

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Do I need to have any previous experience of running ads?

If you’ve had experience boosting the odd post then that will set you in good stead. If you haven’t then I would encourage you to open an ad account before starting the course (we can help you with this) and getting yourself familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard even if nothing there means anything to you as yet. By the time the course has finished, going in there will feel like second nature and you’ll be interpreting data like a pro!

How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

On average the lessons will take an hour or under to go through and then the weekly call takes between 60-90 minutes depending on the banter and questions. These calls are an integral part of the course and the attendees get a lot out of them and helps to accelerate their learning.

Do I need a live client during the course?

No you don’t. I didn’t have a live client when I did my first Facebook Ads course. What I have found during the year I’ve been running this programme, is that most attendees want to go out and get clients as they delve deeper into the course as they are excited by their new found skills and have clients by the end of the 12 weeks.

Is there weekly homework?

No, there aren't any assignments to submit and you set the pace. Sometimes life gets in the way and you may fall behind at times due to other commitments or unexpected events. A lady during the February cohort had a baby but the support in the Facebook group meant she could continue when she felt ready without feeling overwhelmed.

Is there enough demand for Facebook Ad Marketers?

Without a doubt. Facebook and Instagram are where all the brands both big and small are shifting their budgets because there are no other platforms that have the targeting capabilities and volume of traffic.

Think global, not local – there is more than enough work to go round and most course attendees make their investment back within a few months of graduating if not sooner. Some have even recouped their investment before graduating!

How long do I have access to the course for?

You get access to the course for life.

With all the updates to the Facebook and Instagram platform, will the course remain up to date?

Yes, our team regularly goes through the course to ensure all modules are up to date.


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