Stressing out over your latest ad campaign?

You don’t have to do it alone.


Being an Ads Manager, a Social Media Manager or an entrepreneur who runs ad campaigns, you’ll already know it can be extremely stressful, not to mention lonely when you don’t have anyone to lean on to help understand what to do next.

It’s at times like these you wish you could wave a magic wand and tap into a support network of experts who can take a look at your ad campaigns, guide you on new audiences to test, support you with creative and copy or help unpick the mess that your Business Manager is in. 


For the first time ever...

I’m opening up my private membership The Digital Tribe to those who need the support of me and my team to help you with your campaigns and you can access it today for half price at just £48.50 for your first month and then continue for £97 a month instead of our standard £149 (that’s just £1.61 a day!).

Take me to my Half Price Offer!

This is more than just a membership.

It’s a thriving community.

This is not a course to teach you how to run ads. This a membership to support those of you already running ads that need experts in the background to help you:

  • Troubleshoot your latest campaign
  • Get inspiration on creative and ad copy
  • Support on helping to know what audiences to build out 
  • Identify the bottleneck in your funnels
  • Access to what is working right now

Imagine instead of feeling overwhelmed and full of fear that your ad campaign isn’t working, you could tap into an expert support network that can immediately help you get things back on track. 

Is that worth £3.23 a day to you to take the stress away?


Here’s what you get as part of your membership:

You're going to



Access to my private Facebook Group

Be part of a thriving community of likeminded people where you can post your questions and get them answered in real time by my team of experts instead of being kept hanging for days on end until you get a reply. Use the power of the collective hive mind to brainstorm ideas, collaborate and connect within this wonderfully supportive community.

2 x Weekly Live Facebook Ad Support Calls

Access to two live calls each week with me and my team to help you troubleshoot your campaigns whether you work in lead gen, ecomm or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. You can share your screen and get our eyes on your campaigns to help you make the changes needed to improve campaign performance.

2 x Monthly Copy Clinics

Join live calls each month with me and my copywriting expert to give you advice on how to write copy that converts or ideas on different tweaks or tests you could run to help cut through the newsfeed.


1 x Monthly Call with me

Join me each month for the lowdown on what is working in Facebook right now, from looking at a breakdown of the latest campaigns my agency has been running, to updates and trainings on how the platform is changing. 

1 x Monthly Business Manager Clinic

Join this monthly call to troubleshoot anything to do with Business Manager. Whether it’s help unpicking what looks like a complete mess of a set up to understanding the best way to onboard your new client.

1 x Monthly Mindset Call

Mindset is 80% of the game when you’re running your own business for optimum success. Join a live coaching call each month with my Mindset Coach who’ll help you uncover the mindset you need for accelerated business growth. 

1 x Monthly Business Clinic

Join this monthly Business Clinic hosted by one of my Business Coaches to help ensure you have the right foundations for business growth. From understanding productivity hacks to planning and goal setting, this call will help ensure your business is on track and keep you accountable. 

1 x Guest Expert Masterclass

Join this monthly call run by a Guest Expert that covers a wide range of topics from how to write email sequences to understanding about peak performance in business. 

Training Library

Access my training library with over 60 trainings from myself and guest experts – it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of information and teachings with something for everyone.

I need this right now!

What people are saying...

Choose Your Membership



(total value per month £8500)

  • 12-month membership
  • Immediate access
  • 2 x Facebook Ad Support Calls per week (value £4,000)
  • Monthly Training (value £500)
  • Monthly Guest Expert Training (value £500)
  • Monthly Business Manager Clinic (£500)
  • Monthly Mindset Clinic (£500)
  • Monthly Business Clinic (£500)
  • Private Facebook Group with expert support (£1000)
  • 2 x monthly copywriting clinics (£1000)
  • Training Library of replays 

ONLY £97 Per Month

£48.50 for your first month!

(that’s just £1.61 a day!)




(total value per month £8500)

  • 12-month membership
  • Immediate access
  • 2 x Facebook Ad Support Calls per week (value £4,000)
  • Monthly Training (value £500)
  • Monthly Guest Expert Training (value £500)
  • Monthly Business Manager Clinic (£500)
  • Monthly Mindset Clinic (£500)
  • Monthly Business Clinic (£500)
  • Private Facebook Group with expert support (£1000)
  • 2 x monthly copywriting clinics (£1000)
  • Training Library of replays 

Pay In Full £924

(that’s just £2.53 a day!)


I'm so confident that once you join you won't ever want to leave because of the support and the thriving community.

Hi! I’m Emma Van Heusen, Agency Owner, Positive Psychology Coach, Best-Selling Author and a Facebook™ Ads Coach who has trained over 700 Social Media Managers, Coaches and Business Owners how to run ads with confidence, grow their business and command high-ticket retainers.

Back in 2016 I was a freelance Social Media Manager on Universal Credit from the government and was totally winging it with ad campaigns. I know exactly how it feels to be spending money without understanding the results and being able to make data driven decisions or any decisions at all for that matter!
Since then, I’ve gone on to be mentored by Facebook’s Global Strategy Team on how to run successful ad campaigns and then with some of the World’s leading digital marketers. This was a total game-changer for my business as well as my mindset.
These skills have allowed me to step out of the weeds and build a successful multiple six-figure business in less than 9 months and as a single Mum, give myself and my son choice and opportunities I only ever dreamed of.

What people are saying...

"I've found the level of support within the Tribe just amazing and it has been a lifesaver on many occasions! There is always someone on hand to answer queries or just give you a bit of moral support. The weekly calls with ecomm and lead gen specialists are worth the monthly fee on their own and then you have amazing guest masterclasses on top."

Claire White - Alphabet Street

"Hugely supportive group with a wealth of expertise in Facebook and Instagram advertising. The ultimate turbo charged hive mind, that has your back at all times."

Lucy Murphy - Simple Social 




"I have loved being part of the Tribe. It's helped me so much over the past few years. It has a lovely friendly community feel, the expert calls are invaluable and it's been great having somewhere to turn to for quick advice. Thank you Emma and the team. You rock!"

 Sam Patel - Sam Patel Coaching


Count me In!

Join today and get the backing of me and my team to help ensure you never fall into the trap of running ads campaigns that are stressing you out, wasting yours or your clients money, and keeping you up at night.