Are you ready to fire yourself out of your job?

If you want to create a business where you’re not doing everything from answering emails to speaking with clients to chasing up invoices, then you need to know the quickest way to fire yourself out of your job and step into the role of CEO.
Only 10 spots available.

I’m not talking about becoming the CEO of some global conglomerate here.

I’m talking about becoming the CEO of a boutique agency that brings in a steady income and that affords you to pick and choose the parts that you want to spend your time working on rather than doing everything. When you first start off going it alone, it’s easy to get sucked into doing everything in your business, but the truth of the matter is that there is only so much of you to go round. This can result in you working every available hour and sacrificing precious time with your family and friends, which for most of us is why we started our own business in the first place. 

6 months into starting my business I realised I was the worst boss I had ever had.

I had never worked so hard because I felt I had no choice. There was only me which meant that I had to do everything and before long I wasn’t running a business, the business was running me.

You’re so busy servicing clients and doing the doing that there is no time to concentrate on growing your business or available to spend away from it. Before you know what’s happened you have paint yourself into a corner where you are wearing too many hats and have capped your income potential.

I decided I needed to fire myself out of my job as quickly as possible to free up time to focus on the parts of the business I enjoyed and outsource the parts that weren’t in my zone of genius or bored the pants off me.
This changed everything in my business and then it really started to take off. I was working less but making more money and most importantly I was significantly less stressed as I didn’t feel responsible for having to do everything.


In my 12 month Agency Accelerator Mastermind, I show you exactly what I did and what I continue to do week in and week out in my business. The processes that I put in place that allow me to:

  • Step away from it and go on holiday and without feeling like it will collapse around my ears
  • Enjoy being the CEO and focus my time on the parts of it that light me up instead of being responsible for Admin to Business Development and everything in between.
  • Confidently take on more work and bigger clients knowing that I no longer have to do it all on my own.

This is not a ‘quick fix’.

This is a 12 month coaching programme that focuses on the foundations, framework and systems you need in place to scale and fire yourself out of your current position. You will:

Social Media Managers, Facebook Marketers and Freelancers have signed up for this programme because…

They are stuck doing everything and want to build a business that allows frees up their time to make more money and focus on the parts of it that they enjoy.




Closed Facebook Group

Experience the support of myself, my team and other members in your success circle.

Personalised Coaching

Be held accountable. I am here for you to push your business forwards.


Get support from Jodie Hayward, a Systems Specialist who developed and set up the
infrastructure of our agency.


Build premium collaborations and lifelong friendships

"Before I started Emma’s course I had just signed up my biggest client. As a freelancer, I was used to working by myself but suddenly I knew I needed agency set up. I needed systems for on boarding people and sustainability. I also needed new ways to attract the clients. The AA gave me all this and more. I’ve tried the techniques for lead generation and getting speaking engagements and they worked. I’m feeling stronger and more aligned in my business than ever before. I’m super grateful for Emma’s support and the support of other people she brings to the table. But I also love how close we’ve all got to each other - my mastermind sisters."

Aleks Certa
The Social Way

"I love the Agency Accelerator! The lessons are thorough and comprehensive with super valuable content covering everything you could need to make your agency work. The support from Emma and her team of experts is invaluable, and the course stands head and shoulders above any other in my opinion. "

Lorraine Doxey
Looped Media

""I am currently going through the Agency Accelerator course at the moment so wanted to give people thinking about doing the course a bit of honest feedback. Full disclosure, I have been through another of Emma's programmes previously so knew this course could be packed full of value and it hasn't disappointed. The learning is by live lesson followed by a Q&A week, meaning we have loads of support from Emma and her team while we take on board and learn new skills that will allow us to scale. One of the highlights has to be the incredible Masterclasses provided by coaches and other entrepreneurs at the top of their game. The content really does propel you to achieving that next level in your business and thanks to this course my freelancer mindset has well and truly gone - I'm looking at the bigger picture, with systems and processes I can put in place to scale, and bigger contracts I can go after, knowing I have the back-up to outsource if I need to. I even got asked today what my monthly fee would be to look after a £30k p/m ad account!""

Rose Taylor-Brown


Get access to my inner circle and support network

Lilia Navarrete
Transformation and High End Ticket Coach
Suzy Ashworth
Messaging and Mindset Mentor
Elaine Lou Cartas
Assertive Coach
Rob Osman
Sales Coach
Steph Rickaby
Accountant and Business Advisor


Firstly, and most important – your unwavering commitment.  The financial investment is £10,000. Payment plans are available.

If you have already been through my Facebook ADcelerator programme this programme is available to you for £7500. The payment plan available to spread the cost over the duration of the programme is £900 deposit to secure your place and then 12 payments of £600.00


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